Paula and I get up everyday and pray that we can reach one more person to change their life through excercise and healthy eating. 

We have the same struggles that everyone has but we choose to prioritize our time so that our bodies don't suffer the consequences of bad choices. We realize that everyone has an area of their lives that is a struggle and if that area is their fitness and nutrition we are there to educate,motivate and be the "coach" to get them to their goals.

We have 3 children and 4 beautiful granddaughters. Our goal is to show all of them how amazing life can be if you maintain your health instead of paying the price of sickness. 

Along with our trainers we work with our clients to achieve a variety of goals. Wether it is weight loss, strength, cardiovascular health, sports specific training. We design a program that is appropriate for each individual client. 

We hope you will allow us the pleasure of teaming up with you to achieve whatever your health and fitness goals might be. 

Yours in great health,

Steve & Paula Dibbins